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7 Jul 2017

Home Audio Systems


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Posted By Yan M.

Throughout human history, the wise and the great have often referred to music as the true Universal language. As technology evolves, one can easily expect audio home automation to produce sound quality equivalent to almost any public performance. With more options becoming available daily that give homeowners total control of their environments, personal entertainment and private gatherings can go to a whole new level of experience with a home audio automation system.

A home audio automation system requires an equal distribution of sound quality and acoustical balance in mind. Two elements key to this design are the physical positioning of acoustical equipment and the actual equipment itself. Normally technicians utilize indoor and outdoor speakers from top manufacturers like Boston and Triads. This allows the system to channel music throughout the home with advanced audio distribution systems, giving clear sound quality under direct control of home audio automation system controls. The size and types of speakers selected is based upon the types of music to which you listen and the amount of entertainment you offer to your guests both indoors and out. Normally, home automation experts like Illuminations Lighting and Design will try to accommodate every event or situation you may find yourself experiencing in order to give you maximum control over automated home audio equipment with the least amount of effort and distraction.

Sourcing home audio automation has become almost as multidimensional as the electrical wiring and element design of such a system. Today, listeners may choose from a wide range of media that appears to be growing as fast as technology itself. The rise of satellite radio has led us into new vendor relationships so we can remain one step ahead of the retail equipment market. As your acting vendor we can utilize Nuvo XM tuners, Rough Sound or Polk Audio satellite receivers and configure them directly under home automation audio control devices. Using satellite radio in this fashion is almost as easy as tuning the radio in your car.

If you are already a customer of satellite television and may be worried about how a new home audio automation system could affect your reception, don't. The existing box can easily integrate into the new network and allow you to manipulate your video in total harmony with your sound and lighting. The simplicity of controlling your home's audio automation settings lies in the sophisticated LCD keypads we strategically install in the rooms where you need them the most. These keypads allow you to change volume levels, mute sound, and switch between music sources from any location in the house. Such convenience makes manipulating audio easy and minimizes distraction and interruption when hosting a gathering or private event.

Ideally, home audio automation systems should be custom-designed to the architecture of the home and the lifestyle of the owner. For new homes, the system can be designed during the construction phase itself. For existing homes, or homes under remodel, retrofit wiring for audio distribution can be added to the existing schematics without having to replace the entire wiring network within the home. Look for a consulting firm with experience and multiple certifications in advanced electrical contract work that will enable them to accomplish such complex tasks with minimum invasion to existing home structure. An investment in an organization like ILD can save you thousands of dollars in damages that may easily result from unlicensed or unskilled labor unfamiliar with older home design or advanced home audio automation retrofitting techniques.


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